With call history, you can keep track of client phone conversations on Google Maps and Search. Call history stores all of your calls in one place so that you can respond to missed calls and stay in touch with your clients.

You might find it simpler to contact with clients who discovered your company via Google thanks to these calls. Calls you receive through your business profile begin with a brief message informing you that they are from Google.

Rogue Wave Marketing’s Owner and CEO Sarah Feldmann said this on the feature:

“By having a dedicated number that’s separate from your regular phone number, you can clearly measure how effective or ineffective your Google my business profile is for your business. Too often I meet clients that have great marketing ideas but are unable to measure their results. This is one of the promising changes and developments from Google.”

Data indicates that since the epidemic started, inbound phone volumes for companies across all industries have increased. Customers are calling more frequently than ever to get information and confirm that your organization is open as a result of frequent changes to operation hours and capacities.

One of the simplest methods to keep a business thriving is to return or answer consumer calls. In the end, this gives your business a more professional appearance. Unfortunately, small businesses have a bad reputation for dropping calls. Making use of the new Google My Business Call History function can stop clients from phoning someone else in place of your business.

Google My Business users can track calls for free with Google’s Call History (GMB). This function enables Google to compile data on calls to your company that begin on your GMB profile, much like specialized call-tracking software. The information also enables Google to display a “call history” for you in your GMB dashboard to assist you with:

  • Learn which calls and clients you are receiving from Google;
  • Analyze the efficiency of your company’s call center
  • Identify missed calls that need to be returned or followed up on, etc.

The Google Business Profile now offers an experimental feature called call history. Only a few businesses in the US and Canada have access to it.

The “Calls” area of your business profile displays calls made by customers who use the “Call” button. You may see recent calls, missed calls, and other information from this tab.

When you enable call history, clients will dial a forwarding number rather than the one listed on your profile to reach you. 

Important: If you enable your profile’s call history and link your Google Business Profile to a Google Ads account, calls that run longer than a certain amount of time and contain an ad click will appear in the linked account.