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Are you done with boring, basic & bland marketing?

So are we.

It’s our marketing agency’s mission to take your inspiration and reveal that to the world! Learn more about our team below and when you’re ready to go against the current, we’re ready to take you there!


A culture worth sharing

How we work 

As a technology-driven and forward thinking company, all of our staff primarily work from home offices. Only because we like each other so much, we do plan for one in-person day per week, but we’ve been working like this since 2017 and have adapted our systems and management to accommodate. 

We’ve found that this hybrid work environment saves us all time, has improved our efficiency, and has resulted in AMAZING communication. 

Using the power of technology, all of our procedures, systems, and workloads live on our shared Google Drive. Our project management is done through Asana and we chat regularly through Google Chat. We start every week with a Monday coffee chat via Zoom, which helps keep our work culture thriving. 

Our support desk is a shared Gmail inbox reachable at [email protected], which everyone on the team has access to and track client correspondence to keep us all on the same page.

For our own email marketing, we choose to use Constant Contact for both our CRM and email marketing. We send agreements and contracts with Digisigner and we connect a few dots with Zapier.

We love the ease of Canva for making blog and social media graphics. Most recently, our favorite sidekick for brainstorming is ChatGPT

Working in a hybrid work environment takes time and commitment from leadership and team members to get it right, as well as trust and flexibility. We’ve nailed down what works best for our team – and we’ve been happily riding the wave ever since!

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Young Entrepreneur of the Year


Best Digital Media Company


Best Branding Agencies in Brookfield


Female Entrepreneur of the Year


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Happy Clients

My business has literally doubled since we started this project! I get complements on my page regularly. Their level of professionalism is reflected in the product they create. I feel quite confident investing my trust in them to handle their obligations so my energies can be better spent on other focuses.

Scott Bartell

Owner, 7 Stones Acupuncture