No film team? No problem. In today’s digital age with countless resources, the amazing thing about video marketing is that you don’t need to have a film production team or even expensive cameras, lighting, or editing tools to make your business come to life online. Here are some valuable tips for video marketing beginners who want to make their business come to life.

8 Recording Tips for Video Marketing Beginners

Low-Budget Filming Equipment

Equipment is optional depending on the type of content you’re filming. Some of the best videos on social media are shot casually in selfie-mode with an employee or representative sharing product or service info in a friendly tone. (It’s essential to find an entertaining, attention-grabbing way to do this!)

However, if for any reason you need a steady shot, we recommend investing in an affordable smartphone tripod. This is best for shots that are supposed to be still, like interview-style videos. You can also invest in a clip-on smartphone microphone that uses bluetooth for clearer speech. 

Finding a Filming Location

Avoid empty or dull rooms, as they are less interesting to the eye of the viewer and can also create an echo if someone is speaking. Film in a visually lively area with some kind of pop of color and an interesting background, preferably one that says something about the work your business does. Just ensure the background isn’t too busy to where it could cause distraction for the viewer.

Good Lighting

If you’re filming inside, make sure the room is well-lit with minimal shadows. Be mindful of any windows in the background of your shot if it’s daytime, as the sunlight coming in could distract from the main event. If you’re filming a person outside, don’t have them face completely opposite of the sun, but be sure the sun isn’t shining directly in their eyes, as it will cause them to squint.

Content Ideas

Own a plumbing company? Film your plumbers on the job using their tools. Own a storefront? Film a tour of the inside of it and showcase what you sell. Newbie video marketers should always start with showing off products, services, employees, and sometimes even customer interactions or testimonials (with permission and consent to film!)

You can easily brainstorm content ideas by keeping in mind frequently asked questions by your customers and the areas of your business that are most important, interesting, or useful to highlight. To take this a step further, engage viewers by coming up with compelling narratives or storytelling techniques that resonate emotionally and captivate their attention.

If you have people in your video, don’t forget to tell them to smile!

Background Noise 101

Filming somewhere quiet and free of distractions is usually ideal. But if noise goes along with the atmosphere of your business, don’t fear it! As long as it doesn’t overpower the person or people speaking and is lower volume than any music you add, it can compliment the video well. 

You can also make a great video just by filming B-Roll (e.g. people walking or interacting with each other, product showcasing, employees working), cutting it together and muting the volume of all the footage, then putting copyright-free music and an optional narration over it. In this case, you wouldn’t have to worry about background noise at all during filming!

Mobile Optimization

Since many viewers watch videos on mobile devices, ensure your videos are optimized for smaller screens and can be easily consumed on the go.

If you’re filming on a high-quality smartphone, you can shoot horizontally if desired, but keep in mind that vertical videos are best for mediums like Instagram Reels, TikTok, and YouTube Shorts. There is a high discoverability rate through these avenues as well due to content being algorithm-based. (Use relevant and popular hashtags for a boost!)

Simple Editing

You don’t need to buy fancy software to cut your videos together. Windows Movie Maker, iMovie, and CapCut are a few of many free platforms that are simple to use. Just upload your footage to a new project, trim it down, add music if needed, and export!

Keep it Concise

Remember, when people use social media, attention spans tend to be shorter. Viewers want to be reeled in as soon as they land upon your post.

Open your video with something that will instantly grab interest, but aim for overall brevity throughout your content, as shorter clips tend to perform better.

From Novice to Master

Mastering the basics of filming is an essential step for beginners venturing into the realm of video marketing. By implementing these easy-to-follow tips, businesses can enhance the quality and impact of their videos, effectively engaging their target audience and achieving their marketing objectives.

Remember, practice makes perfect, so don’t be discouraged by initial challenges. With dedication, creativity, and a commitment to continuous improvement, novice filmmakers can produce compelling and successful video content that resonates with viewers and drives results. For assistance with video marketing content, contact our team of experts.