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Did you know potential customers draw an opinion on your business within half a second of seeing your website design? Attracting customers online is a lot like standing out at a job interview– it’s about presenting yourself to show you’re professional, qualified, and the best choice out of all your competition. At Rogue Wave Marketing, we handle making that first impression an exceptional one with eye-catching and functional websites, so you can focus on what you’re best at— your business.

Our 4-page and 7-page website packages cover all the bases:

Design & build

SEO & Mobile Optimization

User Experience Analysis

Customized content & graphics

Software compatibility across the board


How Website Design Works

Intro Call

Our team of eager digital marketing experts will phone you for a warm welcome as a RWM client! We’ll talk your needs, goals, and vision for success.


What values does your business hold true? Who is your target customer? What’s your current marketing strategy? Your answers are important– but we’re not just here to ask the questions, we’re here to engage with you on them. Our professionals will make sure you end the conversation with a clear picture on where and how you can grow.

Plan Customization

This is where the action begins. We’ll gather all the insights we need about your competition and your unique brand identity to tailor the best digital marketing plan to set you apart from the rest.


Is our vision in alignment with your goals? Ironing out the edges is just as important as crafting the original plan. This phase will ensure that your objectives are captured with our recommendations in mind to boost data-driven success.

Proposal Approval

It’s time to transform your business. Your comprehensive digital marketing plan will be presented for your review, where you’re in the driver’s seat to make informed decisions about the best path for your brand’s growth.

Ready to go Rogue?

Reach out to our fully domestic team. We’re ready to actively address and fulfill your marketing needs with expertise and enthusiasm!