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When you work with Rogue Wave, you get the expertise of our entire team. Even though you’ll have a single, direct lead for each project, we all work together to leverage our individual skills for a complete, collaborative approach.


We also work collaboratively with you. No matter the project, you are the best at your business. We focus on building a strategic marketing plan with you so you can be free to do exactly what you got into business to do… GROW!


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We work to establish a strong foundation with an exceptional understanding of your brand. Then, we design a custom strategy to highlight your unique selling proposition to your particular target market. Take a look at the services we can use to help leverage your brand.

Website Design

Our websites are typically built within WordPress and use customizable themes to save you time and money. We use custom-crafted content, images, and organic SEO best practices to produce the most intuitive and mobile-friendly website for you.
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Social Media Management

We’ll create custom content while considering your target market and ROI. We’ll talk monthly about how your posts the prior month performed, review the content proof for the coming month, and discuss any exciting, upcoming events.

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Tell your business’ story focusing on what customers want to receive – education. We’ll help you craft a custom strategy for targeting your specific market every month and coordinate that with any grassroots marketing you might be doing for a cohesive approach.


The foundation of any marketing efforts, we establish your target market, brand promise, mission statement and tagline. Complete with a SWOT analysis, you’re ready to take your marketing to the next level!

Graphic Design

Our graphic design limit knows no bounds! If you have a project for us, we can make it a reality. Work directly with our Graphic Artist to receive original graphics exclusive for your business that truly reflects your individualized brand.


For any of our services, we offer one-on-one consulting to help you learn and grow at your own pace. We’ll craft a custom plan specific to your level of understanding and at a pace that fits your needs.

Building a strong foundation supports
long-term success.

Future-focused marketing strategy and execution
by Rogue Wave.