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Colors, fonts, shapes, and logos aren’t just icing on the cake— they’re the key ingredients to mastering your visual identity recipe. Maintaining cohesive branding across the board not only enhances brand recognition and uniqueness, but also shows your audience that your business is trustworthy and professional. Whether you already have your style down or want to start from scratch, indulging in graphic design with Rogue Wave Marketing will take your brand to the next level and leave consumers wanting more.

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how logo design works


Do you prefer rounded, elegant, or sharp fonts? What’s your color scheme? Any added symbols or imagery? Maintain full control over your vision as we help you achieve the logo that represents your business best.

Draft 6 Samples

Based on our discussion and your preferences, we’ll create 6 unique logo designs to give you a wide scope of options.

Review first draft of logos

Mix and match or change any item in any of the logos presented to you. Narrowing your idea will help us get a fuller picture of the final design you desire.


We’ll take your feedback and craft brand new samples for your review.

Brand Package

Once you approve your final logo, we provide horizontal, stacked, and icon-only versions in full-color, black, and white versions, and multiple file formats. We conveniently provide a reference document with fonts, color codes, and guidelines.


How all other graphic design projects work


Determine the overall look, feel, colors and style you want for your project, and what your goal of the designed piece is.

Draft graphic layout

We’ll draft an eye-catching design template that best fits the project at hand.

Writing begins

Our team of writers will work to pull your customers in with engaging and compelling language.

Put it all together

It’s time to fill the layout with content. All written copy will be added to the graphic template.

Review it all together

Discuss any changes you want made and review samples with live edits to expedite finishing your project.

Ready to go Rogue?

Reach out to our fully domestic team. We’re ready to actively address and fulfill your marketing needs with expertise and enthusiasm!