Creating an effective case study is crucial for your business’ success. It enables trust between prospective customers and allows your business to demonstrate your ability to deliver. Case Studies provide real, concrete examples of how your business handles a situation.

Below are 5 of our best tips to creating an effective case study:

  1. Tell the Whole Story. Storytelling is a major marketing strategy that allows businesses to form deeper connections with their customers. In each case study, there should be a “problem” and “solution”, similar to your plot and climax in real story writing. What was the problem in the project? How did your business solve the problem? How did their project turn out better in the end?
  2. Include Relevant Data to Your Case Study. Get as specific as possible with numbers. By pulling real data, it can help explain how your project influenced a change. Saying a roundabout number isn’t going to cut it! You need something that shows “because of this…this happened”. 
  3. Keep Your Case Study Concise. Any type of writing should be right to the point. Your prospective customers are not going to want to read paragraphs that are just dancing around the main point. Therefore, you need to say it as it is and keep it easy for the audience to understand. This will allow them to visualize the relationship between your business and theirs. Also, be sure to use a variety of good writing features such as: headers, images, bulleted lists, font variation, etc. 
  4. Let Your Images do the Work. Most people do not have the attention span to sit and read something for longer than 15 minutes. So, make sure to include images that help relay information about your case study to your customers. 
  5. Make Your Case Studies Easy to Find on Your Website. Everything on your website should be easily accessible. Creating a tab on your website that labels “Our Work” may be the easiest way to get a customer’s attention. After you have that information, optimize your content and promote it on social media platforms to bring more brand awareness.

Remember, not every case study has to be in written form. So, get creative with it! You can showcase your case study in the form of written content, videos, infographics, or a podcast. Think about how you can share the same message with your customers in a different way.

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