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While Google Analytics is quite robust and can seem very overwhelming to a beginner, we thought we’d help you out by going over the 3 main metrics you should be tracking on your website.

Need help setting up Google Analytics? Check out this helpful guide.

1. Traffic 

This can be accessed from the Acquisition section on the left navigation tab. This data will help you to track traffic trends based on a date range, as well as by medium to help you see where your traffic is coming from.

2. Behavior

By selecting “Behavior” from the left nav, you can see the traffic that individual pages are getting. This is important to track over time so that you can see which blog posts end up compounding.

3. Source/Medium

Paired with the first metric listed, source/medium traffic can help you to see how much organic reach you are getting. Lots of organic traffic is a really good indicator that you are ranking well for keywords.


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Rogue Wave Marketing can help you get started with tracking these metrics! This setup and tracking is one of the many benefits of hosting your website with us. Not a current hosting client? Contact [email protected] to discuss what works best for your website and business needs!


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