Learning how to effectively repurpose content from your website or social media page can save you countless hours of work. Instead of constantly generating new material, you can focus on which posts gain the most engagement and adapt these to different platforms and mediums. Here are some easy ways to repurpose your content, freeing you up to spend time on other tasks.

Why Should You Repurpose Content?

Aside from the ways it saves you time, there are further advantages to adapting existing work. First, it affords you the chance to update and improve existing content. Remember that repurposing doesn’t mean that you simply copy and repost. It takes work to take effective content and transform it into something new. Returning to a blog post and reframing it for a new platform means that you have another opportunity to refine it.

There are also strategic reasons to repurpose content. If you use the same material in a slightly different way, it can boost your positioning with search engines. Having multiple pieces on a similar topic means that search engines will read your site as more reputable and you are twice (or three, or four!) times as likely to receive engagement. An effective marketing plan includes a strong focus on search engine optimization, which is boosted by repurposed content.

What Are Some Ways To Repurpose Content?

Despite the many benefits of repurposing, surveys indicate that only a third of marketers have a standard process for repurposing content. To get you started on developing your own system, here are some ways to repurpose your work thoughtfully.

Change Platform

Simply changing platforms can be an excellent way to reuse your work. Let’s say you have a Facebook post with a link that received significant engagement. Taking that post and altering it to Instagram (perhaps including more images) is an excellent way to put out a promising social media post without starting from scratch.

Go From Textual to Visual

Adapting text to a visual medium can save you the work of searching for images while allowing you to increase the impact of your content in a different format. You could take a blog post that utilizes a series of important statistics and present those stats in an infographic. Posting that infographic could get your content out to those who respond more to visual information.

Compile Content

Compilations or comprehensive documents are useful for a deep dive into a topic that you cover with multiple pieces of content. For example, you might combine several popular articles or blog posts into an e-book that is easily distributed and downloaded.

Repost Content

Your customers and clients are an excellent source of content. Reposting or sharing posts from their social media accounts allows you to leverage existing content to your advantage. User-generated content is also highly effective in spreading the word about your services, doubling the advantage of sharing it.

Change Your Marketing Strategy

Now that you have some ideas about how to repurpose content, you can start building a system to help you do so regularly. Contact us to find out how Rogue Wave Marketing helps clients break out of bland marketing and basic content.


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