client onboarding

Welcoming new clients to your business should clarify the extent of your services and motivate them to stick with you. Unfortunately, not all businesses provide an adequate onboarding experience for their customers, resulting in lost business opportunities and profit. Here are some of the best ways to ensure seamless client onboarding for your Wisconsin business.

How To Perform the Best Client Onboarding

You want your clients to always have the best experience dealing with your business. To that effect, you want to make an excellent first impression. A welcome package can help ensure your onboarding creates happy clients who will spread the word and bring in more customers for your business in the Brookfield, Wauwatosa or Pewaukee regions. A welcome package should accomplish the following to assuage any client hesitation and encourage confidence in your business.

1. Evaluate Client Needs

After offering your new client a warm welcome, you’ll need to go over the welcome package and your contract with them. Knowing what your client needs and expects from you is vital. Don’t go into any business arrangement assuming you can deal with one client the same as another. Make notes about your client’s resources, goals and expectations, and review them together to ensure you’re on the same page. This initial analysis helps prevent unrealistic expectations and establishes clear schedules and deadlines.

2. Make Introductions

Arrange an introductory meeting between your team and the client. Making introductions during client onboarding can help customers feel more comfortable reaching out if they have questions or concerns. Your team members can also get a better feel for future interactions and needs from the client.

3. Highlight Resources

Brief your client on the resources they will need to use. Many businesses require online tools for communication and sharing content. Always include links to tutorials to encourage clients to familiarize themselves with common business tools such as Zoom, Adobe or Google Workspace. 


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4. Establish Boundaries

While you want to meet all your customer’s needs, you shouldn’t be expected to do anything outside of what is listed in your contract. Save your business team time and profit by providing a clear summary of your business hours, response time ranges and preferred means of communication. You can also help prevent confused or stressed clients by including a list of frequently asked questions in your onboarding welcome package.

5. Keep Things Moving Forward

Clearly outline your client’s next task after they review the welcome package. Some of the more common steps in the onboarding process include joining a Facebook group, visiting client portals or filling out questionnaires. Additionally, contact your client regularly to ensure they’re still happy with your services and don’t have any unaddressed questions or concerns.

How To Perfect Client Onboarding

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