To say these recent weeks have us all feeling anxious is an understatement. But as we all pull
through, businesses like yours in every corner of our country are eager to celebrate our
resilience with a grand business reopening after COVID-19.

10 Grand Ideas for a Grand Reopening

The pros at Rogue Wave Marketing share 10 effective ideas you can use to ensure your business reopening after COVID-19 is grand yet safe after the brunt of the pandemic is behind us:

  1.  Value over discount. Instead of discounting your products or services, add value!
    What can you add that won’t cost your business anything extra that will sweeten the
    deal for customers?
  2. Spread the word. From local PR (radio stations, television, newspapers) to social
    media pages and Facebook events, make an asset list of every marketing channel
    you’re using. Once you nail down your messaging, run right down that list and post
  3. Find a tie-in. Think about how you can tie your grand reopening to another event
    like an anniversary, holiday, or join forces with other local businesses to create a
    combined event.
  4. Stay positive. Avoid talking about how bad the quarantine was and focus on the
    excitement, energy, and positivity of being open again.
  5. Add swag. Everyone loves free stuff! Get creative with seasonal swag like tote bags,
    sunglasses, and tumblers.
  6. Run a contest. Contests are another way to give customers the free stuff they love!
    Do a giveaway for one really nice prize instead of offering multiple small prizes.
    Either way, make it a fun and engaging way to bring people back together.
  7. Tour and teach. Offer free tours of your facility to give folks a behind-the-scenes
    look at how your business works or how your products are made. Or offer a free
    class where customers can learn a new skill while supporting your business.
  8. Dress it up. Many people love an excuse to wear a costume, even if it’s not
    Halloween. Give your reopening a theme and encourage attendees to get creative;
    better yet, have a costume contest.
  9. Make it family friendly. Enhance your event with fun stuff to keep kids entertained
    (craft tables, read-aloud, cookie decorating, etc.) You’ll attract more customers if
    they have the option to bring the whole family.
  10. Give back. Is there a local charity closely aligned with your business, or a cause you
    feel passionate about supporting? Having your event dovetail a charitable
    contribution is a great way to add more good to your grand reopening.

Safety First

Our new COVID-19 reality demands that business as usual is nothing like it used to be. The good
news is that we’ll all get through this and people will be chomping at the bit to revive our
economy, especially when it comes to supporting small businesses. That said, making safety a
top priority will ensure that your grand business reopening after COVID-19 goes off without a hiccup, and that your
business keeps booming well into the future. For specific tips on how to disinfect and deliver
personal protection to all your employees and customers, check out these CDC guidelines.

Reopen With Us

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