Rogue Wave Marketing Up For Global Award:

Rogue Wave Marketing is up for a big award: BizX 2021- Globally United  Best Digital Media Company. Considering the company was a pipe dream just a few short years ago, as owner and CEO, I am humbled and proud. I consider the recognition the result of what that dream of mine has and always will stand for, which is making sure that we consistently deliver and go beyond the expectations for our clients.

Here is what I believe a digital media company should do for its clients. If whoever you consider for the job meets these objectives then go for it. If not, be sure to give us a call. 

First, let’s answer what a digital media company is. According to the contest category with BizX, a modern-day marketing/advertising company is one that develops and delivers both content and functionality defined as text, video, graphics, code and applications to customers across all electronic media, from online to mobile. This one-stop shop makes your business’ digital footprint a reality.

We do that and more. And it’s the more that I’d like to discuss with you.


This is a really big deal. Do you remember the all-star line from a famous movie, “Show me the money!”? It was delivered by a hyped up football pro to his sports agent Jerry McGuire. He wanted results and with one line, insisted that those results had better be good. Well folks, at Rogue Wave Marketing, we show you the moneyand any company you hire to navigate the digital world for you should do the same.

The money, in this case, is your digital reach. We test and measure to make sure your results meet and often exceed your goals. Whether we are creating a website, working on a website to encourage conversions, or developing a social media awareness campaign, we take a sample of where you’re at in the beginning and deliver snapshots of how your digital assets are performing at regular intervals. By testing and measuring growth and creating a quarterly comprehensive report for clients, both company and client have a clear view of how effective the work is. This way we can make adjustments along the way to deliver and sustain growth. Your reach is our success. So we reach far, deliver, and show you the numbers to prove it. 

A Website That Rocks

When people hear about your business, one of the first things they will probably do is look up your website. Guess what happens in the first five seconds they land? That viewer will form an opinion of your business. Yup. In just five seconds, they’ll either read on or navigate away. So you’ve got to get their attention immediately, with images and substance that has teeth. Some of the things you want to be sure you’re getting in website development are clear navigation, captivating design, custom content, clear calls to action, web and mobile optimization, strategic information accessibility, a site that is intuitive and user-friendly, a site that will load fast, and encourages an interactive user experience with conversions. Ask about each of these deliverables to make sure you are getting everything you need in a website and more.

Unique Messaging and Campaigns

No two clients are alike and the work a digital media company produces for you should reflect this. Don’t go with a company that offers a cookie-cutter approach to creative, because your recipe for success lies in the authentic value of your company and services. Identifying and delivering that value-based message in unique, effective and even unexpected ways will drive your company’s digital growth. Be sure you receive targeted and personalized content, email workflow and sales funnels, inbound marketing, brand messaging and consistency, results like increased leads, media contacts, and building credibility and authority within your target market. If you bring up each point with your prospective hire, you will have a better shot at getting the results you desire. At Rogue Wave, you don’t have to even ask. We’re there with it all, right away.

Going Beyond The Basics

We teach our clients how to fish. You might be wondering what fishing has to do with digital marketing. This one goes back to an old Chinese proverb. Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. So here’s the take, we can build a fantastic website for you, and that’s great. We can create digital marketing campaigns with workflows and sales funnels. But to sustain growth, it’s best to have the basics of sound marketing skills that you can call your own. Because once we deliver the product or campaign, what you choose to do with it can make a huge difference in your company’s success. That’s why we offer consulting services so you can truly take an active and vital role in marketing your company, making it work for you. You’ll learn about accountability, creativity, defining your target market and niche, marketing systems, ROI, and new marketing tools. The sound confidence you get from knowing who you are, what you offer, and how to get the message out efficiently and effectively will change everything. That’s how we want you to feel.     
I hope you’ll save this list of deliverables you’ll be looking for in a digital media company. Settle for no less and check out our services at Rogue Wave Marketing. We’ve been singled out by BizX as a finalist for best digital media company in the country and we’re hoping to win the award!