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NOUN: /dəˈzīn/

Purposeful planning, or intention that exists behind an action, for a specific outcome.

Design doesn’t just mean something pretty at Rogue Wave. Design means a thoroughly well-plannedbeautiful, functional and performance-based site.

A user will form an opinion of your business via your website in just 0.05 seconds.

Is the message you’re sending the one you want received?

how it works

Our website work is completely comprehensive, creating custom graphics, original, SEO-friendly content and engineering around your sales funnel.


Complete Marketing Q&A

Getting your needs right

Your business is unique, even if you do the same thing as five people in a five mile radius, so you need a unique marketing plan. In order to build something specific for you, we need to understand your strengths and weaknesses, talk through your opportunities and threats. So we’ll start by sending you our Marketing Q&A with a few questions that will allow us to learn more about where your marketing is at and what we can potentially help with.


Digging deeper

How do we make your goals real?

Now that we have a baseline understanding of your needs, let’s dig deeper. What do you want your website to do? What should it make your customers think and feel? Our team will guide you through translating your vision into clear, digital representation of your business.


build the proposal

Formalizing the scope

Now that we’ve got a solid understanding of your needs and talked over your target market, we’ll build a custom proposal just for you. This will include the full scope of our work together, all the deliverables and fine details to ensure we have clear expectations for everyone.


Review the proposal

We’ll double check our work

At this stage we’re going to talk you through the proposal so we’re clear on exactly what we’re going to do, what’s in and outside of scope and what you can expect from us.


kickoff our work

let’s get started!

Once we’ve dotted our i’s and crossed our t’s, it’s time to get started. You’ll get connected with our project manager, and then we’ll have a kickoff call to get the ball rolling on your new website project!