Visual Imagery Matters: How to Make it Effective in Your Marketing

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There’s no question that visual communication is powerful, so it’s crucial to think about what type of message your brand is conveying. As you market your business going forward, remember that visual imagery matters.  Consider these effective ways to reflect our current reality and keep users engaged online.


We asked the designers at Rogue Wave Marketing to share some expert tips that will help you make the most of visual imagery:


  • Good-bye, groups. It’s important to be sensitive to what our world now looks like. Use photos of people, but not in crowds or mass gatherings. According to Shutterstock, images that show physical distancing, small gatherings, PPE (personal protection equipment), and delivery service are the latest trends.
  • All eyes on you. User experience studies repeatedly show that someone looking at your website or social media posts follow the eye direction of the person in the image. Have a call-to-action button featured on your homepage? Be sure your photo near it has a person’s eyes looking at that button.

Visual Imagery Matters

  • Use template tools. You can take the guesswork out of great looking visuals by leveraging template tools like Canva to create dynamic imagery that’s exactly the rightsize for your needs.
  • Size it right. Large file-size images slow load speed and increase a person’s likelihood of leaving quickly. In fact, research shows that 40% of people leave a site if it takes more than three seconds to load. Add to that the limited bandwidth when viewing mobile sites, and you’ll create even more “leaves” with slow-loading images. You need a balance between image quality and display performance. Convert an image to a JPEG file that’s no larger than 15 MB.
  • Them versus you. Don’t make the mistake of displaying images that mean something to your business but not your customer. Case in point: the dreaded “headquarters” shot that companies use. Customers and prospects are much more drawn to seeing what the people serving them inside those buildings look like.



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