Marketing techniques and tactics are constantly changing and adapting in order to keep your audience engaged. How do you keep up or even start understanding how and why it all fits together? Grow and improve your business by learning more about marketing with bite-sized lessons each week with Rogue Wave Marketing’s Triple Ripple series. From marketing tips & tricks to explanations and examples, our goal is to help you understand why marketing is essential to your business plans, and directly apply small actionable items to increase your brand awareness and in time, profits. 

If you’re wondering why or how marketing could help grow your business, feel free to check out our blog about why it’s essential to Connect Your Business & Marketing Plans. We’re hoping these bite-sized marketing tips each week will help your business put you on the map, bring more traffic to your website and/or storefront, bring you more business, and help grow and improve your business.

What Tripple Ripple Is NOT

Expensive, Salesey, or comprehensive. Since we’re sharing this through our social media stories, it’s completely free and up to you to view, learn from, and share. Unlike those random emails you get from people you don’t know telling you everything that’s wrong or outdated with your website, this is not three reasons why you need to hire us, hire a marketing professional or hire a marketing firm in general. It’s not a comprehensive class for business owners where we’ll guide you through making a full-blown marketing plan or campaign. Lastly, this Rogue Wave Marketing’s Triple Ripple series is not about talking to another marketing professional, so it won’t be filled with language and terminology only marketing professionals might understand. 

Triple: Defined

Consisting of or involving three parts, things, or people.” These three parts connect with each other, the marketing umbrella, and involves your business or everyday life. The triple to this ripple are the bite-sized marketing lessons, tips, and/or fun facts we’ll bring to your Instagram or Facebook Story feed every week.

Ripple: Defined

(v) “ Form or flow with a series of small waves on the surface.” Rogue Wave Marketing strives for this audience to understand the importance of marketing and how it connects to business growth and everyday lifestyles. We’re hoping these small waves of bite-sized marketing snacks will be easily digested, understood, and provoke the viewer to take action to grow and improve their business or goals. 

Bite-Sized Marketing Lessons = Triple Ripple Series

If you’re checking the boxes on any of these characteristics, you’ll want to view our Triple Ripple series…

  • A business owner, manager, curious learner and/or entrepreneur who:
    • Is interested in DIY marketing
    • Have/want a marketing intern
    • Don’t have the time to do all things marketing all the time
    • Want to learn about the difference between good and bad marketing
    • Wants to learn and understand more about marketing in general and its moving parts
  • A marketing professional who likes a good tip or reminder every now and then
  • A human being who:
    • Wants to enjoy a laugh, smile, and/or something fun yet educational every Friday
    • Want to get to know RWM a little better
    • Enjoys tropical drinks: if you don’t like tropical drinks we might not hang but we’d wave if we saw you in public

Join the Ripple

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