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Proactive Social Media Strategy

Our social media work is proactive and strategic, ensuring we keep your Return On Investment (ROI) goals top of mind for every post.

Every month, you’ll have a planning call with your Social Media Strategist. On this call, we’ll talk about last month’s performance, review the content proof for the coming month and talk about all your marketing possibilities coming up in the next month and quarter.  Our goal is to stay proactive and strategic, so we use this time not only to talk social media, but any other marketing initiatives you may have. 


solid support from a stellar team

Two dynamic designers

Each account we have has two dedicated marketing professionals to leverage your business including a Social Media Strategist and a Graphic Artist. This ensures you not only have exceptional content, crafted to hit your target demographic at just the right dates and times, but professional, customized visuals to really engage your audience! We’ll set what Key Performance Indicators (KPI) we want to track throughout our relationship so we’re always pushing toward the same goals.


we stay ahead of the curve

Proactively planning

What have you been dreaming about? What’s that “nugget” of an idea you always thought would be SO cool, but never quite got to execute? Every month we’ll have a call to harvest your marketing wishlist and help develop those “nuggets” into a measurable reality. Let’s talk about that big idea you have for the next event and we’ll help you figure out how to measure the success of that event for a measurable Return On Investment (ROI).


quality check

You take the steering wheel

While it’s our job to bring the ideas, we want to ensure we’re hitting the mark. After we create your custom content proof with all your social media posts and ads for the month, you’ll get a copy to review and ensure you absolutely love everything we’ve designed.


execute and measure

Regular vitals on your digital pulse

Next we get everything scheduled and engage in realtime with your audience to facilitate even more excitement for your brand. But no strategy is complete without a real measurement of success, so we’ll take regular vitals on the pulse of your social reach to ensure we’re routinely testing, measuring and tweaking for the best Return on Investment (ROI). We’ll establish what Key Performance Indicators (KPI) we want to measure early on, so now we can see how well we hit your target. Then we’ll deliver custom reports quarterly for your business, specific to your KPIs, so we can continually measure our success!