Behind the scenes with Todd Ruedt, Business Owner, ActionCoach, and GMAC Golf Outing Organizer

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The only unlucky thing about the 13th annual GMAC golf fundraiser outing on August 17, 2018 was the weather.

Benefiting two organizations close to organizer Todd Ruedt’s heart, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS), and The Autism Society of Southeastern Wisconsin (ASSEW), this year’s fundraiser was slated to raise a considerable sum for those worthy causes.

But it rained. Hard.

One might expect that as the event organizer, Todd would be upset that two inches of heavy rain overnight adversely affected the day’s plans. But Todd’s spirits were good as he met volunteers and participants near the Ironwood Golf Course Clubhouse that morning.

“Charity is a part of your company and personal brands,” Todd says. “More than golf, this is about awareness. Being there. Seeing others who care as much as you do. Maybe deciding to work together on something at some point, because you know they care as much as you do.”

The annual GMAC Golf Outing which Ruedt started in 2006, first benefitted a close friend with leukemia.

“I saw the results at the end of the event and knew we had to do it again. They’re not done; neither are we.”  The first two outings benefitted that family, the mom of which has had two bone marrow transplants and is now cancer free. The 3rd year, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society received the proceeds. In 2014, they added the  Autism Society of Southeastern Wisconsin.  This year netted approximately $10,000 for the two organizations.

“When you take care of community, it circles back. I look forward to meeting the people who participate in this event, knowing they too are caring people.”


RWM sponsored 4 Birr last year and this.

Owner of ActionCOACH of Brookfield, Todd invests heavily in his clients. Rogue Wave Marketing CEO, Sarah Feldmann, is one of them.  When asked about her, you could almost hear the smile in Todd’s voice.  “There are a few people who, serious about achieving success —and there are several definitions for that— are willing to do what’s needed to get results. Sarah does.”

He went on to add that business owners who want to grow will sacrifice, including time and money for charitable causes, to achieve the success most only dream of.   “Quit talking about it and go do it.”
He looks forward to seeing a quality that’s a bit rare for now become more prevalent.

To that end, he coaches. And gives. It’s who he is.

Check out pics of all the fun foursomes here!

ActionCOACH of Brookfield LLC is located at 4235 N. 124th Street, Brookfield, Wis. 53005.
You can reach Todd Ruedt at 262-613-1255 or [email protected].

Ruedt’s lengthy resume of community involvement includes:

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