Terrasol dispensary

Website Design

The Challenge

TerraSol had a website that had been edited in pieces previously, leaving the client with a disjoined & bumpy User Experience (UX). Their goal was to remodel the site to have both an exceptional UX and powerful Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

How We Solved it

By zeroing in on their target market and truly getting to the root of their need, we were able to help TerraSol properly reflect their Unique Sales Positioning (USP). We carefully chose dynamic artwork and picked a clean, fresh pallet to match the look & feel of their physical store.

After an extensive SEO audit, we uncovered the best keywords for TerraSol. This wasn’t focused on their current customers, but their desired target customer. This helped us choose a different URL, highlight different search terms & better connect with the perfect customer for their dispensary.

We deeply dug into their customer needs, focusing on highlighting their newest finds. Then we ensured a high-end look & feel by adding visual elements & transitions like a parallax, blended nature & people images and more.