Cedar Community Website Design

Cedar Community is a nonprofit Wisconsin senior living community where residents enjoy, explore, and embrace their best lives. Nestled on hundreds of acres in West Bend and Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, their senior living facilities allow those 55 and better to live a more purposeful, fulfilled life.

Rogue Wave Marketing had the opportunity recently to redesign, remap, and revive their website.

Cedar Community Homepage


It was important to simplify Cedar Community’s website navigation to provide an easy user experience for their 55+ demographic. Cedar Community wanted to emphasize their support for residents by meeting them at whichever life stage they’re at, while showcasing the natural, serene setting they’d live upon in their facilities. They wanted to reduce text and showcase more imagery throughout the website.


We aimed to reduce their page count from more than 50 to sub-30 by only having one webpage per campus, and one webpage per service offered. Visually, we focused on the lifestyle residents would enjoy on Cedar Community’s campuses and avoided using nurses in scrubs for imagery, as the residents livelihood was the priority to display.


A GORGEOUS website, and happy clients! With contact forms on nearly every page, Cedar Community’s website now acts as a tool for their sales team. We successfully condensed their pages to ease navigation and positively promote their facilities and services. By including a new Start Your Journey page, we were able to emphasize Cedar Community’s willingness to meet their demographic where they’re at in their journey to senior living.