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The Mission

7 Stones Acupuncture and Wellness is dedicated to the health and wellness of it’s patient community and specialize in pain management, fertility, stroke rehabilitation, and expediting recovery time of sports injuries as well as work or accident related injuries. Since most of their clients found 7 Stones by searching online, their business was growing and hired RWM to optimize their search results and ranking.

Services Provided

Search Engine Optimization &

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Why Rogue Wave

Why Rogue Wave

“I have been working with RWM for a number of years and like to support a local business and it is easier to keep all aspects of my marketing and website all under one roof.” -Scott, Owner

Rogue Wave Discovery


The Discovery was the importance of SEO work and how it can have a direct impact to long term success and staying power with in my market.

Rogue Wave Strategy


RWM researched keywords for this industry and implemented them within his website strategically in order to increase search results.

The Results


“What a great group to work with! I get complements on my page regularly. Their level of professionalism is reflected in the product they create. I feel quite confident investing my trust in them to handle their obligations so my energies can be better spent on other focuses.”

-Scott Bartell, Owner

7 Stones Acupuncture & Wellness