Hello—I’m Brianna Kiel. I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside Sarah as a marketing assistant at Rogue Wave Marketing. When I’m not managing social media accounts, creating marketing plans, and learning to develop websites, I’m sitting in on meetings, and learning the ropes of owning your own business. I’ve recently had the opportunity to attend Wisconsin’s ActionCoach Growth Club event in Neenah, Wisconsin. The event has been pivotal towards my journey into business, and I have learned so much. 


These are some of my biggest takeaways: 


  1. Push yourself outside of your comfort zone. When I live life outside my comfort zone, I can challenge myself with new tasks and see results. I work towards taking risks that will help me grow. In a normal setting, I usually do not walk up to a group of adults. But during the conference, there were designated times where guest speakers would encourage talking with the people around your table to discuss a question. I pushed myself to approach different tables for this discussion time. I introduced myself to the other attendees, joined in on the conversations, and contributed to the business discussions.
  2. Always think bigger.I am guilty of thinking too small. For business, as with anything, it is good to think bigger and embrace it. A lot of people stay in the 30% area (smaller picture) versus thinking 30 (which is the bigger picture). If you think too small, you will never do or accomplish big things. If you think bigger, tasks will get completed faster and the business will grow more.
  3. The power of the universe. I’ve always enjoyed reading motivational books about the law of attraction, but had never been in a room with so many people that believed in it. Everyone here trusted the power of the universe and knew what needed to be done for goals to become reality. The power of setting goals, making a vision board, and journaling is indescribable. When doing a few simple tasks, everything else in your life will start to align with those dreams. 


There were many great speakers at Growth Club, but one in particular mentioned the definition of goals. He said, “If a goal was something your current self could do today, it wouldn’t be considered a goal, it would be a TO-DO. Goals are put in place because there is still growing and learning to be done before it can be achieved.”


When setting goals, it is good to put your trust in the universe. The universe has a specific path for everyone, and if you want something, you just have to let it know. Things do not happen overnight; and there are probably reasons for that. For starters, the universe is waiting for the correct time for you to achieve that state. When something isn’t working out or coming just yet, just know, when it’s the right time, it will come back on your radar.

  1. Work on growing from within. Growing your business is important, but working on yourself is even more important. Always work harder on yourself than on your job. Spend time with yourself and nourish yourself. Exercise, read, sing, journal, hang out with family or friends, go out and adventure. Success with your business will come along the way. 
  2. Change your perspective in different situations. You know that life doesn’t happen the way you planned it. But, it’s the way you react and grow from the situation that matters. Another powerful quote I heard was, “You are not a product of circumstances, but rather of the decisions you make.”


Growth Club has enlightened me in so many ways and taught me many lifelong lessons. I’m so inspired and determined to work on myself, my business, and my future.