Why do businesses sponsor events?

Finding what a company is like or what they stand for is like Facebook-stalking someone before the first date. Hear us out– first, you’ll most likely Google the name and see what pops up. (Is your business not showing up on the first page? Let’s chat!) Once you find their online presence, you start digging for more information to see what they’re like on the inside. For businesses, this can be shown in a variety of marketing tactics: sharing internal company news and updates, what businesses they’ve worked with before, and finally, what and who they’ve supported.

This is just one of the many reasons businesses sponsor events– to share what’s most important to them as a company or even within company culture. Some other marketing tactics may also include:

  • Increasing brand awareness and visibility by getting in front of an audience who may not have heard of your company,
  • The business’s target market aligns with the type of guests that will be attending the event, which in time could increase your lead generation and sales goals,
  • Increasing business relationships with other sponsors for potential collaborations and partnerships who also support that event. 

From Drab to Fab

So, what does a typical sponsorship look like? A business gives a monetary or in-kind gift for an event or fundraiser in exchange for visible logos somewhere, and may even be listed on the event or fundraiser’s landing page. 

Since Rogue Wave Marketing has a passion for marketing and marketing coaching, we wanted to make sure a sponsorship is both valuable to your business while also being a great marketing opportunity. 

We had the pleasure of hosting our first Propel event of the year back in April, and realized right away that we could make this experience even better for both the guests and the sponsors. The feedback was clear– people wanted more time to build their relationships (because who wouldn’t want to connect with each and every badass woman in that room?!).

Our solution was simple; let’s combine the previous sponsorship levels into one amazing opportunity to connect, engage, and grow. This next Propel schedule will allow for every sponsor to have direct 1 to 1 communication with all attendees. Sponsors will not only have a 6′ table to set up their swag on, but they’ll also be able to sit in the audience. Each participant will be switching spots throughout the afternoon, meaning each will have the pleasure and opportunity to get to know you (and your business) on a deeper level. 

Be Fab
That’s just the tip of the iceberg. For more information on what it means to become a sponsor of Propel, visit our sponsorship page or head to our application through Eventeny. This application process will only be open until June 16th, so take advantage of this opportunity while it’s available!