When you’re so invested in other aspects of your company, you shouldn’t be focusing all your attention on marketing when you could delegate it to someone else to help prepare your company with ideas.

How does marketing coaching work?

Rogue Wave Marketing will coach you biweekly or monthly on marketing strategies that will enhance your business with digital marketing success. We work with you as a business owner to understand and develop your values and meet your goals as efficiently as possible. We will help you define and create a strong brand for your company, get your products and services noticed, and discuss the best methods to keep your audiences engaged.

What do you get out of coaching?

Marketing coaching will guide you through building an actionable, measurable plan to achieve your business marketing goals.

Check what others had to say about our coaching!

“Sarah simplifies marketing by breaking the process down into manageable tasks. Her intellect and intuition are spot on, and her enthusiasm is infectious.” Lauren Kiefer (Jack Kiefer Heating & Air)

“Sarah was a tremendous asset in helping me rebrand my business. She coached me through the various steps that were needed (logo, marketing, social media, etc.) and helped me develop a timeline to keep track of everything. One of the things I especially liked about working with Sarah is that she doesn’t shy away from asking tough questions – but she does it in a very supportive manner. As a marketing coach, she really challenged me to reframe my thinking and pushed me to step outside my comfort zone to move my business forward.” Jessi Bauer-Phipps (Joined By Purpose)

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