5 ways an Editorial Calendar Will Help Your Company Blog

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Effective use of an editorial calendar will help keep your company blog active and your content balanced. It can be as simple or as complex as you wish! We recommend a simple and straightforward approach you can sustain it over time.

An editorial calendar:
  • Minimizes that pen tapping “what to write, what to write, what to write? “ as you stare into nowhere, wishing an idea would come. Your calendar of one or two-word topics jump-starts your thinking and gets you on your way.  It doesn’t make the writing any easier, but it sure helps you get started.


  • Captures and queues good ideas. Good ideas frequently arrive in bursts. If you can get them to land in queue, nothing noteworthy will slip through the cracks and disappear. Imagine knowing you’ve given thought to what you’re blogging about for the next three months.  So much for writer’s panic!


  • Enables you to build content over time. You’ll want to schedule certain recurring themes to come front and center periodically. A writer’s stash folder or pocket binder (yes, old-school ideas still work) will keep all those thoughts & ideas in once place.
    When you reach your word limit for a post, you can return unused content to the folder, ready for fuller development next time.


  • Streamlines the creative process. It feels great to decide once. Then later, when you’re running full speed ahead and suddenly remember “Oh, the blog!”, having scheduled your topics in advance, you open your calendar, read your self-directions and get to work.
    This also comes in handy when life takes a Sharpie to your calendar when you’re not looking and you find yourself scrambling to get back on schedule: “Just tell me what to write about,” you whisper as you open your calendar. There it is. “Got it, thanks. I’m on it!”


  • Shrinks Writer’s Block. Because your editorial calendar has told  you what to write next, you can page through your writer’s stash, find the topic of the day, and lift out the relevant item that snags your attention.
    Or, if you choose to, just begin to write, knowing your opening will probably emerge, several sentences into your thoughts. It beats staring into space, thinking of nothing, or worse yet, annoying your colleagues with that tap – tap – tap, “What to write, what to write, what to write!”


Sound good? Want to know more?  We’d love to talk with you!

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