Now that 2020 is officially in rear view, it’s time to drive forward with success this 2021. Aligning your marketing plan to support your business plans creates synergy resulting in profitability. Here’s why this is important:

  • Defining your goals guides your overall focus, and measures your progress so you can make necessary adjustments in order to stay on track. 
  • Any previous marketing metrics can tell you what hasn’t worked in the past so you can pave the way for what will work in the future
  • Harmonizing both plans allows you to monitor your business’s resources, team, and overall company performance

 When Two Become One Profitable As F**K Plan 

Profitability formula

Take a look at the graphic above. This special formula for profitability from ActionCOACH of Brookfield explains 2 things:

  1. how to pinpoint five key areas to grow your profitability
  2. how marketing directly affects your business plans. 

The purple boxes highlight your marketing, while the blue focuses on the business aspects. How do you gain leads and prospects? Brand awareness, sales, social media, paid media, events, and any other marketing efforts. Whether it be inbound or outbound marketing, the number of quality consumers or audience members therefore affects your converted sales, which snowballs into the number of transactions. 

While your business plan may be your focus, your marketing plan will only help you stay on track to meet your business goals. Your marketing plan will help you unveil and understand your market better, which gives insight on your abilities to operate within the marketplace (like social media, legal, etc.). Then, you’ll start to see who your competitors are, what you can learn from them, and how you stand apart.

What If I’m Not Quite There Yet?

If you don’t have a plan for this year set-up yet, DON’T PANIC. We’re just in the first month of 2021! Your first step is to reach out to your business coach. Shout out to my own business coach, Todd Ruedt, who continues to push me forward in my business that this momentum is UNSTOPPABLE. So if you don’t have a Todd, GET ONE. It’s a game changer, my friends.

If you have general goals or ideas but haven’t put that pen to paper, feel free to use this resource to guide your actions, drive your goals, and increase your success rate. After all we all start somewhere, so why not learn from those who have been there and done it?

Go Rogue

A good marketing plan is designed to support your business goals to achieve growth and success. Go rogue, and join our wave so we can work together and create:

☑️  a solid 2021 business + marketing plan by tapping into a network of business professionals

☑️  the most successful campaigns to amplify the success of your business goals, and

☑️  a website that reflects and supports the growth and success of 2021

What are you waiting for?  Go rogue and join our wave by connecting with us today so we can start aligning those goals. Join our wave