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Effective use of an editorial calendar will help keep your company blog active and your content balanced. It can be as simple or as complex as you wish! We recommend a simple and straightforward approach you can sustain it over time. An editorial calendar: Minimizes that pen tapping “what to write, what to write, what […]

Careful aim is vital when introducing your company to people who don’t yet know they need you. You have basically 3 – 5 seconds for a potential customer to see your message online or in print, discover who you are, what do you do, and decide you’re probably their best option. Since you never get […]

Cut Your Time In Half With These Tools Ever since cavemen began watching their bank accounts and clocks (don’t Google that. Just trust us), people have said that time is money. It has stuck with us all these thousands of years later because it is true. Take a moment and think about how much money […]

Searching for the perfect free images for your (personal or professional) project can be as daunting as searching for the match to your missing sock. It’s super important to use both copyright free images as well as high resolution – poor quality images can kill even the best post. Struggle no more, we got you […]

Winning the social media game isn’t just about driving “Likes,” followers or impressions. All social media channels are successful when there’s great engagement. Engagement can be comments or questions, shares or retweets. The key is facilitating conversation beyond a simple “Like.” Here’s a few tips to help drive more meaningful engagement: 1. Respond to comments […]

Should I use my personal Facebook to grow my business? Yes, but not directly. Sales and marketing are based on customer expectations. If you’re directly connected with someone on Facebook in a person-to-person interaction (meaning, you two are “friends”) the expectation is you are connected person-to-person, not person-to-business. Just like networking events, you’re connected as […]

Facebook ad spend is directly proportional to engagement. Facebook’s algorithm is seeking to provide an even more curated and specialized newsfeed for their users. They want the items that show up in a user’s newsfeed to be as relevant to them as possible and they determine that based on engagement. Here are some tips for driving […]