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Do you ever feel like your brand is “stuck” in whatever stereotypical mindset you think your audience has? “Fast food companies suck” The fast food industry frequently gets a bad rap. Too often we’ll hear the common perception that “fast food is bad for you,” and because it’s “fast” by definition, you’re sacrificing quality for speed. […]

It’s super easy to print your projects through an online printer. It’s not as easy to get it perfect the first time. Failed print jobs might make you want to go all Office Space over the printer. We get it. So why should you work with a local printer? Won’t your project cost more? (Not […]

With everyone texting, emailing, and messaging each other, it’s easy to overlook the phone. But with intentionality and skill, that under-utilized phone CAN give you an advantage over your competition. These four tips will help set you apart from your competition. As you get ready to unwrap and explore these items, pause a moment and […]

Does your business blog? Should it?  Probably. Does it? “Not yet,” you say, “but we should. Maybe someday we will.” These 10 benefits of having a company blog will spark your thinking. If your company is already doing this, these paragraphs will reaffirm it in your thinking. If you’re on the fence, this list may […]

Careful aim is vital when introducing your company to people who don’t yet know they need you. You have basically 3 – 5 seconds for a potential customer to see your message online or in print, discover who you are, what do you do, and decide you’re probably their best option. Since you never get […]