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Does your business blog? Should it?  Probably. Does it? “Not yet,” you say, “but we should. Maybe someday we will.” These 10 benefits of having a company blog will spark your thinking. If your company is already doing this, these paragraphs will reaffirm it in your thinking. If you’re on the fence, this list may […]

Effective use of an editorial calendar will help keep your company blog active and your content balanced. It can be as simple or as complex as you wish! We recommend a simple and straightforward approach you can sustain it over time. An editorial calendar: Minimizes that pen tapping “what to write, what to write, what […]

On a recent flight, JetBlue passenger Esai Valez live Tweeted a negative review of the airline. “My view during the flight (4 hours). No movies, no TV. First complain [sic] to one of my favorite airline. @Jetblue :(“ Valez even Tweeted a picture of the fuzzy screen. Complaints are not shocking news, but how the […]

What Exactly Is Cornerstone Content? Cornerstone content is the online content buzzword du jour. To hear some people describe cornerstone content, you’d think it was a miracle that leads customers to your site like ants to big pile of sugar. The exciting news is that, yes, it can do that—but you have to be patient. […]

Properly branding your company’s culture, mission, and values isn’t just a high-potency attractant for customers; a solid display also attracts solid employees!  How many hours have you wasted sifting through applications and looking for the right candidate? How cool would it be to find qualified prospective employees without any of that hassle? Knowing your brand […]

Cut Your Time In Half With These Tools Ever since cavemen began watching their bank accounts and clocks (don’t Google that. Just trust us), people have said that time is money. It has stuck with us all these thousands of years later because it is true. Take a moment and think about how much money […]

In a move we can all appreciate, Facebook has taken big steps toward eliminating fake news from our feed. In a recent post, the social media behemoth outlined how it would demote fake news and clickbait so it would be virtually invisible. However, some marketers fear this could also douse the spark that ignites their […]