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Our Mission

Rogue Wave Marketing’s mission is to deliver custom and needs-based marketing help for all our clients. For some, this means augmenting an already stellar marketing plan. For others, this means a complete overhaul on their entire strategy. Our mission is complete when we’ve filled those gaps and have delivered a smooth, consistent marketing strategy that flows seamlessly time and again.


Our Culture

At the core of our company is a unique and ambitious culture to break the corporate mold, create customized, creative work for our clients and deliver with a proactive approach everyday.


Our Results

Testing and measuring is key to delivering exceptional service. So whether we’re working on a website to encourage conversions or we’re developing a social media campaign for awareness, we’re going to “take a sample” of where you’re at in the beginning and compare at regular intervals to see the growth we’ve accomplished together. We put this together in a quarterly comprehensive report so that we can measure our effectiveness, make adjustments, and always improve.

Choose a revolutionary strategy, choose Rogue Wave now.

Build a strong brand for your business and stay consistent!

Creatively craft custom digital marketing solutions & strategize to ensure we deliver a solid ROI with every project.

Sarah Feldmann

Organize and expedite the flow of projects and provide information/other support for the teams within Rogue Wave.

Lesley Poberezny
Project Manager

Partner with clients to share their brand story with the purpose of engaging with their target audience, boost awareness, and in turn gain their customers trust.

Nikki Collier
Social Media Strategist

Collaborate with clients to communicate their brand through social media platforms effectively.

Jocelyn Krueger
Social Media Strategist

Here to help you leverage social media to strengthen your brand, share your story, and connect with your target market in a meaningful way.

Jolene McNutt
Social Media Strategist

Collaborate with clients to help strengthen their story by using social media to maximize brand identity, increase brand awareness and engage consumers which will in turn help generate leads.

Britney Kruesel
Social Media Strategist

Provide the best possible service while creating impactful designs that build and enhance your brand.

Mallory Stoltz
Graphic Designer

Aim is to earn a client’s trust while helping to keep their brand sophisticated and in line with current design standards

Christa Neill
Graphic Designer

Design with purpose and imagination. As each project is unique, so are my design solutions.

Nell Deutsch
Graphic Designer

Design websites with the strategic focus and commitment to brand.

Ellen Vander Heyden
Website Developer

Designing clean, modern, and accessible websites with the needs of the client always in mind.

Colin Gleason
Website Developer

Weave words…when I’m done, you get messages that truly resonate with your target audience.

Rochelle Groskreutz
Content Writer

Carve out a client’s call to action, tell their story and highlight what really makes them unique with custom-crafted content.

Becky Steimle
Content Writer

A day in the life of a Content Writer in 11 words…Listen, Strategize, Create, Collaborate, (Coffee), Write, Re-Write, (Coffee), Message, Brand, Sell.

Sarah Evans
Content Writer

SEM/SEO strategist who enjoys working with a wide range of industries and takes pride in learning her clients business inside and out to act as an extension of the marketing team.

Lisa Harrington
Local Search Strategist

Work to bring together teams to ensure projects remain focused and deliverables fully satisfy client expectations.

Garrett FitzGerald
Local Search Strategist

Help established businesses be lean and efficient through software development and integrations.

Damon Schopen
Software Architect

Create promotional videos that tell the story of your business in a beautiful and creative way.  With over 10 years of professional photography experience, you can trust me to capture your vision.

Katie Soyka

What others have to say about us

“Sarah has an unparalleled drive for innovation and creativity. She continually invented new ways to build relationships. This included social media and branding trainings for many Wisconsin non-profits, government officials and business owners.”

Jon Brod

“It has been my pleasure to work with Sarah and her team. They do amazing work! Sarah will take the time to get to know your company and needs, then she will bring a plan and sound ideas to the table. In working with Sarah and her team, they delivered what was promised on time, on point and on budget. Within minutes of meeting Sarah you will feel her passion for marketing and helping you grow your business.” 

Travis Livingood
Director of Marketing
Glacier Hills Credit Union

“Without a doubt, Sarah is one of the most enthusiastic, energetic and talented people. Her communication skills are outstanding, she is constantly thinking of new ways to help the company achieve its goals, and she is truly passionate about whatever task she’s given.” 

Mark Maley
Director of Communications
Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation