Rogue Wave Marketing CEO Receives Top Performer Award

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West Bend, Wisconsin:  Rogue Wave Marketing CEO, Sarah Feldmann, delights in delivering excellence with a smile to Business to Business (B2B) clients.  Professionally ambitious –even driven– Sarah is equally committed to enjoying her work.

“Bring only your best to the table” goes hand in hand with
“If it’s not fun, don’t bother.”
So being recognized in a light-hearted way this month as a top performer made total sense.

Rather than an embossed crystal plaque, which would eventually need dusting,
her award was an action figure of General Antiope, the spirited battle trainer of the Amazons!

This top performer award from Action Coach is the result of
Rogue Wave Marketing’s phenomenal growth, up 400% in 5 months!
“It’s how she charges into my office every week,” said her coach and presenter.

Since launching Rogue Wave Marketing (RWM) in September 2017,
Sarah’s vision for bringing results-based, comprehensive services to RWM clientele
has moved quickly from viable concept to thriving reality.

Why Antiope?

The battle will never be fair.

Sarah knows that.
She and her team endeavor to rise above it.
Integrity. Collaborative success. Measurable results.

“You are stronger than you believe.”

Sarah and her RWM team are proving it with dynamic, measurable results despite market fluctuations.

The Rogue Wave team specializes in
  • social media strategy and execution
  • website design & build
  • blogging, branding, graphic design

When your company is winning, Rogue Wave Marketing helping you do so,
Sarah’s and her team will remind you too:
You are stronger than you believe.

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