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Your website conversion rate indicates how well the content on your site turns prospects into customers. A good conversion rate is anywhere between 2% and 5%, depending on the industry. Even a jump of 0.5% can mean huge improvements for your business. If your conversion numbers leave something to be desired, here are six things to boost the rate.

1. Marketing and Website Conversion Specialists

If you’ve been handling the website and marketing yourself, congratulations on getting your business this far, which is no small feat. There does come a time when you need marketing specialists to reach the next level. Hiring an employee is one approach to consider. However, bringing in a marketing agency gives you an entire team of folks to help and usually at a lower cost than hiring someone.

2. Additional Social Proof

Social proof occurs when customers or clients discuss your products and services. It can be through Yelp reviews, Amazon reviews, Twitter mentions, and even testimonials right on your website.

People trust what other people say, so your business should have plenty of statements in different places online backing up its products or services. For example, 60.9% of U.S. online shoppers in 2021 always read customer reviews before purchasing. Another 33% percent regularly checked them, while 6% sometimes read the reviews.

3. Website Analysis Tools

Identifying what parts of your website make visitors pause and where they lose interest is important. Marketing agencies have numerous tools to track this kind of data. Programs such as Crazy Egg and HubSpot’s Website Grader can be helpful for DIY approaches.

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At Rogue Wave Marketing, we reveal the uniqueness of every brand through inspirational and impactful messaging and content catered for your audience.

4. Live Chat

Chatbots, also called virtual agents, are incredibly popular with a bright future. They can be your website conversion rate’s best friend. Some website visitors do not convert because they have a question or two they’d like answered but are used to businesses not responding to emails, contact forms, and phone calls.

Chatbots address this hesitancy by offering live chat 24/7. Your virtual agent can have button links relating to prices, demos, products, and anything else.

5. Free Shipping

Free shipping works wonders. Include it in whatever form you possibly can. “Free shipping with $25+ purchase” works better than no free shipping at all — even if you need to make the minimum purchase higher.

6. More Transparency and Specificity

Customers get turned off if the blog hasn’t been updated in months, links are broken, and they don’t see money-back guarantees. Do everything you can to make your website more trustworthy. Even including staff bios adds warmth and increases website conversion. Incorporating examples of completed projects boosts trust too.

Getting specific is a tremendous asset as well. Say you are a business in Wisconsin serving only customers within the state. Maybe your marketing efforts have been too broad, and it is time to narrow your focus to specific neighborhoods such as Brookfield, Wauwatosa, Appleton, Green Bay, or other particular areas where you offer products or services.

Get Help With Your Website Conversion Rate

Any business can implement a number of things to boost its website conversion rate. Get in touch with Rogue Wave Marketing today to discuss your options. We work with Wisconsin businesses.