10 Reasons to Work with A Local Printer

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It’s super easy to print your projects through an online printer.
It’s not as easy to get it perfect the first time.

Failed print jobs might make you want to go all Office Space over the printer. We get it.

So why should you work with a local printer?
Won’t your project cost more? (Not necessarily!)
Can local printers be as good as nationally known companies?   (Absolutely – even better.)

Here are 10 really good reasons to work with a printer within driving distance.

  1. Printers know more than we ever will about stock, finishes, and how ink presents on each finish.
    Tap into that expertise. You don’t pay extra for it.
  2. Printers are committed to bringing you the best product. They know people are going to ask “Wow, who did this for you?” especially if it’s stunning work. They’ll bend over backwards to get it just right for you, especially if you don’t need it yesterday.
  3. Face to face conversations with local printers are productive. More so than ordering online.
    Communicating in text is fine, but it includes but one dimension.
    When you add the voice, you add a second dimension, including inflection and tone of voice clues you don’t get with just text.  Plus, you get immediate answers to your questions,
    Meet across the table, or at the printer’s work table, and you’re using full communication!
    You’ll see diagrams. Samples. Accurate colors. You’ll get to touch the stock your project could be printed on, and choose the one you like best, or that suits your budget.
  4. When you see a proof, you know the colors will be exactly what’s printed.
    Not so when you print a proof on your printer. Variables make it impossible to be spot on.
    Your local printers use specific color matching (Pantone Matching System, or CMYK, for example). Knowing the numbers for your colors will allow you to match today’s colors exactly next time you print, even if it’s in a few months or next year.
  5. Printers will ask you questions, some you probably haven’t even thought of —but should—to help you hone in on the product you’ll need.
    Things like:
    Where your project will be used.
    How many you think you’ll need (most local printers print a 10% overrun to be safe).
    Will smaller versions of this project be printed? (Helps with size and formatting)
    How quickly will you need it?
    Would you like it delivered?
  6. When you hear “Have you thought about … ?” pay attention! There’s a recommendation ahead.
    Your printer, having learned about your project may have connected a few dots and come up with an idea that’s new to you but ideal for your situation. They know about new techniques and products; yours could be just right for one of them.  Explore it, keeping your budget in mind.
  7. When you work with a nearby printer, you support and create a working alliance with local business, and that’s one of the surest ways to guarantee your business colleagues smile when you come through the door.
  8. Have a question? Facing a dilemma? Need an opinion?
    With local printers, you receive support quicker.  A quick call or email is answered by someone nearby.  When you necessary, you can drop in for a quick consult.
  9. Did something go wrong? Hopefully it wasn’t with your final product!
    Correcting mistakes generally happens faster with local businesses.
    It may not even matter than much whose mistake it is —unless this is several in a row— they want to be sure it’s right, because their reputation is riding on that project too, not just yours.
  10. Sometimes your printer will present an idea that delivers the same level of excellence you’ve enjoyed, but at a lower cost. Earlier this year, for example, I (Phil) learned of a printer who called a regular client who produces a 20-page full-color catalog each year. Their suggestion?  If you can expand your catalog to 24 pages instead of 20, we can eliminate a cut, insert, fold & trim process, and save you several hundred dollars.  Four more pages? For less money? Let’s!

If least-expensive is your only core value, these may not make sense.  We get that.
If brand consistency, quality, and the wow factor are important to you,
make SURE you consult with a local printer or two for that next project!

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