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Does your business blog?
Should it?  Probably.
Does it?
“Not yet,” you say, “but we should. Maybe someday we will.”

These 10 benefits of having a company blog will spark your thinking.
If your company is already doing this, these paragraphs will reaffirm it in your thinking.
If you’re on the fence, this list may help you consider starting your company blog sooner rather than later.

Blogging won’t replace your website. Neither should it compete with it.
Many companies wisely integrate blogging into their websites.

You don’t HAVE to blog to succeed as a business,
but a well-written blog WILL add value to your online presence,
increasing your reputation for sales, expertise and service.

So why blog as a company?
Here are 10 good reasons why.  A company blog:
  1. Attracts Viewers

Search engines always like fresh content and will send readers to your website more frequently if your content is fresh and up to date. Your blog is a great way to frequently update content.

  1. Includes Your Whole Team

Why not highlight the skills of your amazing team on your site?  It doesn’t have to be writing.
Videos, presentations (using Slide share), links to podcasts include your team.
You looked high and low for the best, right?  Why not feature them?

  1. Keeps You Sharp

Writing for everybody in the whole wide world (slight exaggeration) necessitates putting accurate information on your site that’s readable. Understandable. And makes the reader want more.

The preparation you do to make sure your blog content measures up. It sharpens you.  Adds value.

  1. Helps Develop Trust

It’s commonly known that a prospect must trust you before they will buy from you.
Once they trust you, they’ll explore the products or services you offer.

Your company blog can serve you well by building trust with accurate, warmly written content.
“I trust them” is huge for both prospects and loyal customers.

  1. Qualifies Leads

The more time you spend with prospects who know you have what they need, the better!
Price Shoppers look for and focus on best price as they prepare to decide.
Value Shoppers look for a blend of product quality, customer service and decent pricing.

Your company blog can quietly attract the type of customer you really want,
while the others decide to look elsewhere.  And it’s painless.

  1. Shares Your Expertise

Sharing your experience, thoughts, tips and strategies on your blog can position you as a thought leader or an expert in your field.  Clients and customers gravitate to authorities in the field when it’s time to buy.

  1. Heightens Interaction

Because they’re usually written conversationally, blogs add a personal touch to your website, adding that sense of “I almost know you”.

Including the ability to comment, vote, and interact heightens the experience for prospects and loyal customers.

  1. Gets the Word Out

You can easily promote any idea or event or a video or a product update through your blog, without it impacting the budget.  Need to make a push? Add a blog post and point people to it on social media and through email (Be sure you’re compliant with spam regulations, you don’t need another headache from cutting corners).

  1. Grows Your Network

By consistently posting informative content with value, readers will return to learn more, and many will follow your blog. Add a convenient way for them to subscribe and you’ve just grown your network.

  1. Respects Your Budget

Blogs can be used as an alternative to adding content to your website as it does not require a lot of money or resources to maintain.


Ten good reasons to start what you’ve been thinking about for a while, now.
It’s a commitment, and it does take time and effort to host a blogging section on your site.
Done well, the return on investment (ROI) can be very convincing and encouraging.

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